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There is difference between:

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  • Those were created by money, and those are creating money.
  • Those whom themselves make a tear, and those try to clean others tear.
  • Those are living for dead, and those who will die for making a life.
  • Those whom eat for living and those whom live for eating.
  • Those cost less than their clothes, and those that you cannot compare with all treasure around the world.
  • Those whom heart are smaller than needled eye, and those whom heart are wider than the earth’s map.
  • Those are ready to burn the world, and those whom in flame like a candle for the sake of humanity.
  • Those whom do not have anything accept money, and those whom have everything accept money.
  • Those whom their abdomen bigger than their head, and those whom their mind bigger than their body.
  • Those are parts from others plan, and those whom the world is part from their plan.
  • Those whom find their loves in a single person and those whom give their love for everybody.

Prepared by Shayma Muhsin
Translated by Wria Bakr

You said that I have a special word in my mind to tell you, and I am asking the word is still there. Still you care.
I have searched many places and everywhere, I have been to valies and hills, to caves and holes, to mountains and tops, to lands and fields, I have found nothing to be more deserved than the word of LOVE which was special in your mind to tell us.
A word  than means respect, means faith and care, means sympathy and sincerity, tolerance and generosity, A person who is loveable means a person who is decent, who is kind and clean, who is loyal and modest, who is reliable and honest, the one who have virtue, who have integrity.You know teacher, I see this life as a drawing that has no eraser, I can hold what is on me very well, I can hold my load but I can`t hold the other`s load, just do not forget I can do help.
You………. Yourself said that I am pessimist, but what is my fault when people are making me pessimist? I know why because everybody sees you how you seem but very few knows who you are. How deep you know people then you have to go deeper to know them because still you don`t know them, that is my trouble, my difficulty.
In this little world I don`t know why? Why people don`t know how to walk? People don`t know how to speak? When life is short, we have to be aware of the shortages, of the obstacles, of the thorns even though still we are walking foot bared.
Still we are in babbling stage that is why we don’t have any idea that once we go black there is no come back, there is no come back.
The word that you wanted to tell is the most important word I have ever expected to be told, A true word that can be a means of access in this life, A word that


A word that does not require two people to look at each other but require people looking together at one the same direction, that drives me to say some of Jibran`s :-
Who would sell me one beautiful thought for a hundred pound of gold?
Who would exchange one minute of love for a handful gem?
Who would give me one eye that can see beauty in exchange for all my treasures?
That is how this word works in our life if we don`t make it malfunctioned. So for you all, My mates and teachers, please never put me as higher than yourselves, just put me as your little, little brother and for love I assure you that I never let you part for you always in my heart.

by Pashew majeed

Ardalan Luqman’s Article

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1- A true Muslim always speaks the truth and never tells lies.
2- A true Muslim is true to his word, and doesn’t betray.
3- A true Muslim doesn’t speak badly about the other Muslims behind their backs.
4- A true Muslim is brave. Not coward.
5- A true Muslim is very enduring in situations of defending the truth. And bold in saying the truth.
6- A true Muslim is just with others, even against himself, doesn’t transgress others rights, also doesn’t  accept to be treated unjustly by anyone, he \ she is strong and doesn’t accept to be humiliated by anybody.
7- A true Muslim consults about all of his\her fairs, and after that put himself \ herself into Allah’s hands.
8- A true Muslim performs his \ her works as perfectly as he \ she can.
9- A true Muslim is modest, merciful, does good works and enjoins it, abstains from evil and forbids it.
10- A true Muslim strives and fights for the victory of Allah’s cause, and for his religion to be spread.
11- A true Muslim woman wears her Islamic dresses in front of any stranger person (whom she can marry) which must be covered the whole of her body except her face and hands.

Translated by Ardalan Luqman
Second class –department of English

Sangar Hasan’s Article

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When the end comes, Not every on is ready go this is dedicated to Miguel de cerrantes Whom wrote the “Don Quixote”

Paris, they always call it as the most beautiful place in the world, but it was never attractive to me, now it‟s 10:32 A.M, the camps Elysees avenue is full of tourists, but I am still in bed, thinking that I must go to north pole, and meet Eskimos, thinking that I have to create a miracle, and train my ears with hip-hop, I must visit my ex-girlfriend, then write an encyclo-pedia, (but all at once I took a deep breath, then I mumbled:
No, monsieur, you hadn‟t girlfriend, you weren‟t go any place, oh! That‟s write now I remembered that I used to listen to classical music, and I am still illiterate, so I can‟t write a word, even my name)
Hello, my name is Jed, I am 04 years old, and I am still a child, I always child, I‟ll never grew up, I‟ll never be a man, I don‟t want to leave the world, I hate ends , I can‟t enter them, even if have to do it. Now if you want to know who am I? ok, I am going to tell you. I am (unsuccessful Don Quixote).

by Sangar Hasan. 3rd stage

Nada .J. Abbas

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My name is nada .j. abbas, I’m an English language instructor in Dept. of English /College of Education for Human Sciences. I finished my BA. In English language teaching in 1988, and my MA. In 1993 in Univer. Of Baghdad/ College of Education (Ibin Rushd). I was first appointed at university of Baghdad in 1995/College of Languages and taught there for 13 years there. After that in 2006 I was reappointed as an instructor at university of Salahideen. And now am a PhD student in College of Education for Human Sciences in English language methodology/ Unver.of salahiddeen.Hawler.in 1995 I was a member of the examining committee in college of languages for two years and then an assistant of the chairman of the English faculty in the same college. In 1998, I was a member in the interpreter’s league in college of languages in Baghdad for three years. In 2008 I was appointed as the chairman of Dept. of English in college of education for human sciences .in 2008 I was a member in the scientific committee of the college deanery and the scientific committee of Dept. of English. I translated and did many researches in the field of English language teaching methodology.(ELT).

Expression and Sin

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And I mentioned every thing
Then they worth nothing
Love is love when it is not love
Because I don’t see it in my mirror
It might there but gone far away
Craving and volitions are invisible hope
Because my era is returning back
I may wait for devil to kneel for me this time
But the time could not let me wait for love
Because of Eve all Adams make a gaffe
And how much spit on heaven
It makes raining and falls down
Oh! All mighty God
You were the God of darkness too
Then why I couldn’t see any thing
And why I felt in a ditch
I don’t see myself
Thus I don’t see you
Forgive me, don’t lament me
Love, forget about me
Because I forget about you
And I haven’t strength to express you
But I know,
If there is no existence of you
The life is illusion…

by Polla Rashid